30 Day Trim Away Challenge The Kickstart (or Restart) Your Healthy Weight Loss Journey Needs

With this 30-day challenge, you’ll be given the tools necessary to kickstart or restart your lifelong Trim Healthy Mama journey via an online only format.

Facebook Group

This group includes daily input inspections (TJ critiques what you ate) and answers to your questions. TJ will celebrate your successes, troubleshoot your challenges, and guide you toward your goals.


Enrollment in the 9-day TJ’s Transformers ecourse. This course will give you the basics of THM plus some handy printables. This course is discussed in the group.


Beyond the printables you’ll receive throughout the ecourse, you’ll also be given FREE access to TJ’s popular Premium Healthy Body Binder printables with progress trackers and more!

Online Tools

You’ll receive access to TJ’s online weight tracker which includes progress charts and where you’ll be awarded digital milestone badges for weight loss!


You’ll receive a small gift for completing TJ’s ecourse, a discount for the Trim Healthy Mama Membership site, and be entered to win a prize!

Weight Loss Success Story Get inspired by Aimee and her amazing, real-life success story!

Amazing support is what I think when I think of my friend, TJ. She’s not even the person who originally introduced me to THM. Oddly enough, I’m now mentoring that person. I researched THM for over two years before I fully committed to it. Let me just say that I’ll never go back. I feel better than I did in high school! I’ve also lost and kept off 30 lbs. Additionally, my children eat their veggies now that I don’t feed them much sugar. TJ was so helpful to me when I finally tried the plan. She never got upset with my endless questions or seemed bothered that I was always coming to her for support. She also has a very useful blog, TJ’s Taste, that is THM friendly & has some fantastic recipes! My favorite of all time is the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Shake, affectionately known in my household as The TJ Shake. She’s great with organization, planning, and mentoring. TJ did so much to help me on my journey. She’d be a wonderful coach for you! I highly recommend her services. You won’t be disappointed.

Aimee (lost 30 pounds)

Is This Challenge for You? The 30 Day Trim Away Challenge is for those busy men, women, and teens who:

Have 10+ Pounds to Lose While Trim Healthy Mama is great for all sizes and shapes, this challenge is specifically for those who have a minimum of 10 pounds to lose.
Need a Kickstart...or a Restart This challenge will educate (or re-educate) you on the THM plan basics as well as provide a platform to ask questions and have your meals critiqued.
Enjoy an Online Format TJ coaches using Facebook Messenger, a few smartphone apps, and websites as opposed to phone calls or face time sessions.

Testimony What a Diabetic Dad Says

Several years ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes. I began taking pills for it as well as trying to lose some of my 260 lbs. My A1C continued to climb and my weight would not budge. Next time I saw my doctor, he gave me a prescription for a stronger pill for diabetes. When the rest of my family found out, my daughter and TJ recommended that I try THM instead of increasing my medication. TJ became my coach. I had a lot of questions and TJ became my go to person for getting answers. Her many answers to my questions has become my understanding of the THM program. Each answer made my eating habits more effective. My A1C and my weight plummeted. I lost 50 lbs. and my A1C dropped all the way down into the normal range. Now doctors say that just looking at my numbers, they would never know that I am a diabetic. Thank you TJ! You have changed my life!

Richard (lost 50 lbs)


TJ is a hunter’s wife, homeschooling mom of 3, former professional chef, recipe developer, and certified Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle coach.

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